Burdock Uses and Health Benefits

31 January 2020 — Written by HerbHeals
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Burdock has been used for many centuries in Holistic medicine in order to treat a variety of different conditions. It has been used most commonly as a diuretic and as a digestive aid traditionally. Now researchers are performing many experiments on burdock, and they have discovered numerous potential uses and health benefits. The potentiality of burdock is extensive enough to be used as a complementary treatment for specific conditions. Burdock is used as food sometimes. Its root is a powerhouse when we consider its nutrition profile.

What is Burdock?

Burdock is a plant that is mostly found in Northern Asia and Europe. Now it is also seen in the United States. Burdock is being used as a vegetable. Many people take burdock in order to increase urine flow, kill germs, reduce fever, and for purification of blood. It also has properties to treat cold, gastrointestinal complaints, joint pain rheumatism, and many other conditions. It has Cosmetic potentiality by reducing dry skin is, and it also is used to treat many skin conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema.

Uses of Burdock

Burdock is a versatile plant, classified as alternative medicine by many of the herbalists. Burdock root is used to prepare herbal tea, which has many medicinal properties. The root can also be consumed as a raw vegetable or can be cooked in the soup and other dishes. There are many burdock supplements available in the market in the form of tablets, tonic, etc. Burdock root is also available in crushed powder form, and as herbal tea. It is found that fermented burdock gives better results. So, people are considering fermented products over other options. We can also prepare teas by using the fermented burdock. We should never use wild burdock, as it may be contaminated, and there is also a chance of mistaking other weeds as burdock.

Burdock Root Recipes

Health benefits of Burdock

Burdock contains many Chemicals that act against several kinds of bacteria and inflammation. Research suggests the use of some products containing burdock to improve the quality of life in people with breast cancer. By eating burdock root along with butter, water, salt, artificial sweetener, and Ginger extract, we can prevent a spike in blood sugar in Diabetic people.

It is also useful for fluid retention. It is shown to treat some conditions like fever, stomach conditions, anorexia, and many others. We should gather more evidence to prove the effectiveness of burdock, and it uses

Precautions & Warnings

Burdock can cause some allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to certain flowers and herbs. It also may show some kinds of rashes when applied to the skin. There are some special precautions and warnings

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should stay away from burdock, as there is no reliable information about its safety.
  • It is not advisable for people with bleeding disorders.
  • Taking burdock may lower your sugar levels, but we cannot estimate if it causes hypoglycemia.
  • It may also increase the risk of bleeding in surgery. So, patients are asked to stop their use at least two weeks before the surgery.